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As with any book by Laura Nemoroff, there’s always something that happens when the mouse is involved. The same is true for this book: If You Take a Mouse to The Movies

From asking for popcorn to wanting to hang it on a tree, a tree he doesn’t have, the mouse keeps things moving.

For you, the items needed are included in this kit. A tree, the mouse, popcorn boxes, movie tickets and signs. It comes with 3.5 cups of dyed garbanzo bean filler, two 6ounce jars of playdough and cookie stamper. Everything you need for decoration and stringing of popcorn is there as well.

To help with STEAM activity, a Christmas tree construction kit is included.

A special activity to help with letter identification and sound recognition is provided through usage of a laminated bingo card and the provided story stretcher guide parents can encourage children to find their name and become familiar with its sounds.

If You Take a Mouse to the Movies

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    Special delivery offer: If you reside in Broward County Florida, we offer a $5 discount to have the kit delivered to your home if you would prefer this option 😉

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