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Is one of my favorite story books 📕. With this kit and all the accessories, it surely will be yours too!🤗 Not so much a Halloween story, it is actually more of a non-scary story to bring you through the fall season. This story is excellent for your child to retell over and over again.


This allows you to learn about your child’s comprehension skills. It’s also a great interactive story that is perfect for large groups… including adults!!!😉 I have used this book during our schools Halloween celebrations and everyone loved it! (I assigned a few parents with props in adult sizes similar to the child’s clothing props used in the story 😉) As an added benefit, I have provided a STORY STRETCHER


Guide using all the items provided in this kit. Incorporating these items with the various activities of the guide covering Math & Language Development extends the understanding of how your child learns and comprehends what they read. (This sensory kit also provides hours of open ended play.)


The kit comes with:

— Book: The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything

— Hand-painted peg doll

— Three and a half cups of filler and variety of “fall oriented” accessories

— Tools for developing and practicing Fine-motor development (cup, scoop, & tongs).

— Two-5 oz jars of play-dough, play-dough stamper and pumpkin cookie cutter

— A complete ensemble of all the clothing described in the story to allow your child to tell the store and explain, in their own comprehension, what each article does

— A laminated game board, game pieces, dice as another way of interpreting the story


The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid Of Anything

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